My name is Bartosz Jędrasik. I’m the owner of BJ Custom. I don’t know how to precisely  define what I do. In Polish, there is no clear word that describes it. The best term to describe me is bladesmith; however, I prefer another name – the melee/white weapons creator.

I started my adventure with steel in 2014. My works include utility knives, bushcraft knives, kitchen knives, repair and restoration of old weapons, reconstructions of historical weapons, and prop production. I continued to develop my passion for creating forged metal, focusing on historical knowledge; that’s why sabers have dominated my work for several years. I fell in love with this weapon, and I am still improving my craft in this field. I also make orders for swords, katanas, and knives. Since 2019, I have been the owner of BJ Custom, giving me additional opportunities to perform work at a higher level for specific orders. I encourage you to view the gallery of my work and read the blog where I share the progress of implementation, exciting facts, and tutorials.



The main area of my interest is melee weapons. I specialize in sabers and knives, but I also make swords, katanas, daggers, etc.

I also accept orders for leather, wood, brass, and copper jewelry.

The client’s smile is the biggest award for me. Therefore, I always want to meet the most sophisticated requirements and requests.

If you have a dream and want me to make happen, let me know!

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